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Last updated: 27th December 2016

Emergency Vehicles Online can be found using www.emergency-vehicles.co.uk.

Emergency Vehicles Online (EVO) is not an official website of any of the emergency services or manufacturers whose vehicles are shown. The incidental inclusion of any logos, trademarks, brand marks, designs or similar is hereby acknowledged as being the property of their respective owners.

In line with requests from many emergency services, specific locations of vehicles are not provided on EVO. Similarly, some registration marks may be obscured or removed, again to conform with requests. We have a policy of not displaying covert or unmarked vehicles. 

Should any emergency service object to photographs of their vehicles being displayed on EVO, they should send full details of their objection in writing by email to EVO at evo.mailbox @ ymail.com indicating the photographs concerned, the objection, and confirming their position and contact details within the applicable emergency service. 

The design, format and photographic content remains the copyright of John A Godwin, 2002-2017, unless specific content indicates an alternative copyright holder. No images may be reproduced, copied, downloaded, stored or further distributed in any form without the specific prior written permission of the copyright holder (via EVO). 

Images are digitally monitored by Copyscape and Digimarc, and are protected by both UK Copyright Law and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

User information is registered under the UK Data Protection Act with the ICO. All user access to EVO is logged. Whilst EVO is routinely updated with a wide variety of content on a regular basis, no guarantee is made to users that new content will be added to EVO. 

Accessing the EVO website by a user confirms their full acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

EVO includes photographic contributions from a small number of associated photographers, as shown by the individual copyright acknowledgement on each photograph. Such third parties retain copyright in their work, and indemnify John Godwin/Emergency Vehicles Online from all or any damages, claims or actions, including those arising from breaches of national or local laws, legislation or regulation, arising from our display of their work. Third party photographers submit their work voluntarily, and in so doing specifically grant John Godwin/Emergency Vehicles Online a royalty free, irrevocable license to use their work within EVO.

John Godwin/Emergency Vehicles Online provides complimentary Facebook and Twitter social media accounts which support the EVO website. Whist we monitor and moderate users' interactions, we have no control of the content that they provide. Their interactions with our social media channels do not reflect the views of EVO in any way.


We thank the hundreds of emergency services organisations and individuals who have combined to make Emergency Vehicles Online the internet's most comprehensive collection of emergency service vehicles. We are particularly grateful to our talented group of contributing photographers:

Greg Allison
Roy Barraclough
Jim Burns
Gary Chapman
Peter Coole
Paul Davies
Joel Edelstein
Jean-Paul Heyens
Chris Holgate
Brian Homans
Dick Logan
Martin Magoran
Alan Matthews
Ron Moore
Mark Platt
Thomas Reissig
Jean-Paul Salden
Paul Saxby
Christopher Taylor
Tommy Tse
Venta Global Ltd
Darren Wickings
Gerry De Wilde
Gordon Wilson
Steve Woodward

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