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Dorset Police - Vauxhall Astra
HM Coastguard
Belgium - Brandweer Aleris, Duffel
Belgium - Brandweer Janssen Pharmaceutica, Geel
Belgium - Brandweer Luchthaven Antwerpen
Belgium - Brandweer Luchthaven Oostende-Brugge
Belgium - Brandweer Vlaams-Brabant West
Belgium - Brandweer Vlaams Brabant Zone Oost
Belgium - Brandweer Zone Midwest
Belgium - Brandweer Zone Oost-Vlaanderen

Chiltern Air Support Unit
City of London Police - Cycles
Ministry of Defence Police - Miscellaneous
Northamptonshire Police - Vans & Carriers
Thames Valley Police - Land Rover
London Ambulance Service - Cars
London Buses Incident Response Units

Metropolitan Police - Jankel
Belgium - Police/Politie, Brugge
Greece - Hellenic Coast Guard
Greece - Mykonos Ambulances
Greece - Mykonos Fire Brigade
Italy - Vigili del Fuoco, Venezia
Netherlands - Politieacademie
USA - Homeland Security/Immigration & Customs Enforcement

City of London Police - Vans & Carriers
Preserved Police Vehicles - Rover
Preserved Fire - County Borough of Eastbourne Fire Brigade
Belgium - Service d'Incendie, Flemalle
Belgium - Pompiers Liege
Belgium - Brandweer Ninove
Belgium - Brandweer Koksijde
Belgium - Brandweer Oostmalle
Belgium - Brandweer Tienen
Belgium - Brandweer Vlaams Brabant West
Belgium - Brandweer Vlaams Brabant Zone Oost
Belgium - Brandweer Zone Centrum
Belgium - Brandweer Zone 1
Belgium - Civil Defence, Brasschaat
Canada - Hamilton Emergency Services, Ontario
Netherlands - Brandweer/Fire (Preserved)
USA - Broadwater County Sheriff, MT
USA - Dawson County Sheriff, MT
USA - Deer Lodge Police Dept, MT
USA - Ashland Fire Dept, OH
USA - Boston Heights Fire Dept, OH
USA - Brooklyn Heights Fire Dept, OH

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service - Appliances
RNLI Lifeboats - Tamar (16)
Andorra - Policia/Police
Andorra - Bombers/Fire

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